Jazz Friends Community

Jazz Friends Community was created in St. Petersburg (Russia) at the initiative of representatives of the JFC Jazz Club (founded in 1994) and St. Petersburg’s own jazz lovers. Jazz Friends Community has been called to unite these groups in order to support the oldest independent jazz club in St. Petersburg, to support other jazz institutions and initiatives, the city’s jazz musicians, and its jazz culture in general. Jazz Friends Community is conceived as a tool designed to give every fan of jazz and improvisational music the opportunity to participate in the preservation of our jazz traditions, as well as the development of St. Petersburg jazz. Jazz Friends Community is a tool for belonging.

Jazz Friends Community programs are aimed at improving the infrastructure and expanding the capabilities of the JFC Jazz Club, supporting St. Petersburg jazz grandees and aspiring musicians, concert initiatives and recording, taking up music educational programs and developing jazz media. The main objectives of the Jazz Friends Community are to create an effective mechanism for accumulating voluntary donations and a transparent account of expenditures.

Members of the Jazz Friends Community are all voluntary donors to the project. The project involves both private and corporate donations. Jazz Friends Community is supported not only by St. Petersburg jazz musicians, but also by representatives of other creative professions and opinion leaders. Jazz Friends’s Board of Trustees consists of influential representatives of Russian culture.

With the focus of its interests firstly and primarily in St. Petersburg, Jazz Friends Community has extensive connections with figures and fans of jazz and improvisational music in other Russian regions. We believe that the experience of creating and developing St. Petersburg’s Jazz Friends Community will set roots among our colleagues in other cities of Russia, and we are also interested in developing international contacts. In order to establish and develop regional and international contacts within the framework of Jazz Friends Community, a Coordinating Council has been established that includes representatives of important jazz institutions (festivals, clubs, etc.) from Moscow to Berlin, Arkhangelsk to Tallinn, Kursk to London.

We will be grateful to you for your interest in Petersburg Jazz Friends Community. And we look forward to your support, your ideas, and your suggestions. Jazz knows no boundaries!

Jazz Friends Community

JFC Jazz Club

The oldest independent music club in St. Petersburg, JFC Jazz Club (founded in 1994) is one of the most popular venues for jazz lovers and connoisseurs in St. Petersburg. This is a stage that has become home for hundreds of musicians of different generations and styles. This is a hall with a unique atmosphere where music is the main guest and the main draw. This is a space that is a staging ground for dixieland and uncompromising improvisation, New Orleans and Latin, blues, funk, jazz rock and acid – where jazz tradition and innovation are equally respected, loved, and desired. This club, not more than a hundred square meters in size and in a back-alley courtyard, has long been a landmark on the city’s cultural map.

St. Petersburg, Russia
Shpalernaya Str., 33
+7 (812) 272 98 50